Lungs performance based optimization (LPO)

Optimization based on performance of lungs in body: Lungs performance-based optimization(LPO)
LPO is a novel and efficient algorithm inspired by the regular and intelligent performance of lungs in the human body. LPO draws inspiration from the intricate mechanisms and adaptability of the respiratory system. The lungs exhibit remarkable efficiency in oxygen exchange, demonstrating a high level of optimization in their function. The forced oscillation technique measures air pressure and airflow rate to evaluate the respiratory system as an electrical impedance. The impedance curves have two distinct components, respiratory resistance (ZR) and respiratory reactance (ZX), which can be analyzed clinically and from an engineering perspective to gain insights into the respiratory system’s workings. LPO aims to provide an innovative approach to solving complex optimization problems by emulating and harnessing this natural efficiency. To evaluate the effectiveness of LPO, experiments were conducted using the unconstrained optimization functions CEC2005 and CEC2014, as well as engineering design optimization problems.