A comparative study on the coulomb's and franklin's laws inspired algorithm (CFA) with modern evolutionary algorithms for numerical optimization

Coulomb and Franklin’s electricity laws are used in this paper to model an efficient optimization algorithm based on electric particle searches, which has been named CFA. For the CFA optimizer, the influence of electrically charged particles on each other in charged things has been predicated on the forces of attraction and repulsion. Evolutionary algorithms (EA) such as hybrid real coded genetic algorithm (RCGA) which combines the global and local search (GL25), differential evolution (DE) with strategy adaptation (SaDE), composite DE (CoDE), the improved standard particle swarm optimization 2011 (SPSO2013) and the grouped comprehensive learning PSO (GCLPSO) are compared to the CFA optimizer for finding global solutions of seven basic benchmark functions of high dimension D = 50. (GCLPSO). Experiments have shown that the suggested CFA optimizer is quite effective and competitive for the benchmark functions.